Contemprary Details


Smart glass:

  • Cleans itself in a world first from Pilkington.
  • Tracks the sun to turn opaque at noon, transparent at dusk.
  • Withstands a battering from gales up to 140 mph.
  • Projects clouds in a blue sky on a grey day.

Window coverings:

  • Insulate to cut heating bills.
  • Use computer screen privacy film stuck on glass to bend the light and change from clear to cloudy.
  • Are designed to make standard, small windows look more interesting.

Left: Vanceva® by Solutia – coloured layers of laminated glass are shatterproof – ideal for this nursery school in Spain.

Middle: Green Building Store eco house – Stormproof Scandinavian redwood “Ecoplus” windows, finished with natural oils on the Greenpeace show house.

Right: hadoglass by Colt International – A solar powered tracking device works louvres on these window shades. As the sun moves across the glass façade, tubes heat up while others cool down. Expanding and contracting fluid in the tubes rotates the blinds and reduces solar heat gain while maintaining daylight levels.