Contemprary Details

Walls & Ceilings

Walls are changing – you can:

  • Write on walls, then erase the graffiti.
  • Stick fridge magnets on magnetic stripped paper.
  • Screen movies on them.
  • Wire walls to open doors, monitor calls and set appliances for your homecoming.
  • Take a leaf from Bill Gates at home in Seattle – his fake wood screensaver turns into a work of hi-res high art at the flick of a remote control.
  • Cut the noise in inner cities with acoustic products.
  • Copy the Shogun with sliding paper screens.

Left: Litracon cement wall – See-through cement is the invention of the century – so far – by Aron Losonczi. Glass fibre optics ground into Litracon™ cement make a blurred black and white movie of activities behind solid walls.

Middle: Dupont™ Corian® Z.Island wall – The sound wall sprouts wings and curves that emit light and sound in the Z.Island kitchen by architect Zaha Hadid made from contoured Corian® by Du Pont™
(Photo: Leo Torri for Dupont™ Corian®.)

Right: Fluff Bakery – Baguettes of felt at the Fluff Bakery in New York were hand pasted like bricks by architects Lewis Tsurumaki Lewis all over walls and ceilings. They designed the lights.
(Photo: Michael Moran)