Contemprary Details


Author Nonie Niesewand took a post-graduate industrial design course in Lighting at the Domus Academy in Milan. The quality of light, and its source, are as important as the fitting.

  • It’s official. Light levels measured in Lux drop dramatically all over the world as we dim down interiors to read our screens.
  • Why ‘In Praise of shadows’ by Junichiro Tanizaki written in the 1930’s is a cult book today.
  • World famous architect Frank Gehry pays homage to Isamu Noguchi, the Japanese sculptor famous for his handmade paper ‘Akari’ lights designed mid last century, still on sale.
  • The return of the chandelier. Tom Dixon says so and Swarovski made them.
  • Byblos Art Hotel by architect Alessandro Mendini sets the trend.
  • Low energy light bulbs can last up to 30 years. Check out the ‘Crocus’.

Left: Lutron Lighting controls The VosPad™ – Lit entirely by light emitting diodes, the London apartment designed by Marcel Jean Vos not so much glows as shimmers, the way fashion is now.

Middle: “Jingzi” by Belux – Celebrated Swiss architects of the Tate Modern, Hertzhog and de Meuron, light their Basle architectural practice with their own design for “Jingzi” made in silicone by Belux.

Right: “Miniblossom” by Tord Boontje – Swarovski’s Crystal Palace Collection reinvents the traditional crystal chandelier with designs by fashion duo Basso & Brooke, Gaetano Pesce, Naoto Fukasawa, Tom Dixon and Tord Boontje.