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Heating & Cooling

Rising global energy prices reflect diminishing resources. A review of technological advances made to lower energy consumption:

  • The Aqueon fire prototyped by American Heat & Glo is fuelled with water.
  • Solar water heating panels and solar electric photovoltaic panels featured.
  • Advisors are CAT (the Centre for Alternative Technology), award winner green architect Bill Dunster and the Building Research Establishment.
  • Clip-together panel radiators like LEGO® overcome the problem of choosing rads at the first phase of building and then being unable to adapt them.
  • Panel radiators sold in corrugated rolls like wallpaper, trimmed to size, clip into the heating unit.
  • Geothermal uses the earth’s heat to cool down, or heat up homes.

Left: Bill Dunster’s home – Architect of Britain’s first award winning low energy housing development, Bill Dunster keeps warm in winter at home without consuming oil or gas. Sun tubes mounted on the conservatory roof heat household water and 20-solar panels convert sunlight into electricity.
(Photo: Dennis Gilbert, View)

Middle: Platonic Fireplace Company – Lava stone “Woodscape” like autumn leaves designed by architect Henry Harrison for gas fires retains heat more efficiently.

Right: Unico – Unless manufacturers want their air conditioners to end up as museum pieces, they have to design more eco friendly systems. Geo thermal is one way. Unico air conditioning in this self-build coastal house in Britain is another.