Contemprary Details


Wooden floors are anything but wooden:

  • Reclaimed planks retrieved from logging rivers by scuba divers.
  • Recycled beams from redundant tobacco barns.
  • FSC branding saves the rainforest.
  • Ceramic substitutes replicate wood, even to woodgrains and knotty pine.

Then there is:

  • Bamboo and coconut shell flooring.
  • Terracotta, marble and stone, bricks and tamped earth.
  • Soft flooring like you’ve never seen it before with liquid gels and sound absorbing acoustic foam.

Left: Swedish art gallery floor by Front – Design team Front first gold leafed the floor of the Tensta Konsthall gallery then painted over them with white gloss. Over time, visitors’ footprints wore a steady track through the layers to let the gold shine through.
(Photo: Anna Lönnerstam)

Middle: Mykon – Lightweight and strong, aluminium honeycomb aircraft cabin floors by Mykon for Cellbond Composites move into the home with a glass membrane to let the light shine through.

Right: Light Fader by Rogier Sterk – Make an impression on crimson gel sandwiched between base board and laminated glass flooring made by TAL. Footprints slowly fade from its surface like footsteps in wet sand.